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Category: Dog Park
Neighborhood: Vancouver
Fraserview Off Leash Golf Course
8101 Kerr Street Vancouver, BC V5S 3E4 CA

Fraser view off leash dog park should be designated as an off leash trail as there is no real “park area”. The trail is a quiet uneventful walk along the outer boundary of the fenced golf course. The trail starts at Kerr street and runs along Rosemont Drive and then down Vivian drive. The off leash trail only goes halfway around the golf course forming an L shaped route which makes it impossible to walk the trail without having to double back along the same rather boring trail to get back to your car. You can park anywhere along this trail for free. This trail follows the road along its entire route so you could drive along the trail with your dog running along beside the car if you are very lazy but this is not recommended. I was tempted to do so. (Video on the right) The trail itself is rather boring and it may be more suitable to elderly dog owners. I think this park would have been more enjoyable if I had an electronic wheelchair or a bike so I could zoom along the sidewalk quickly.

Maybe I was in a bad mood on the day of my visit but I was rather disappointed with Fraserview off leash dogpark. I did manage to find a small hidden creek by going down the embankment but the water looked pretty rank so I did not let my dog play in the puddle sized pond.  This is a mediocre walk if you are a local dog owner maybe it will suffice. I would not go out of my way to visit this trail. Luckily you can visit the much nicer Everett Crowley off leash dog park just across the street on Everett. If you are close to Fraserview dogpark I recommend that you go to Everett Park instead which is only a1 minute drive away (or a 5 minute walk) and has a lot of dogs and real trails to explore.

by: Partha Dalal / © Copyright (c)

Submitted by Doglantis Administration on 8/13/2010 updated 10 year(s) ago
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Fraserview Offleash Dogpark Fraserview Offleash Dogpark Fraserview Offleash Dogpark
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