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Category: Dog Park
Neighborhood: Vancouver BC
Devonian Harbour Off Leash Dog Park
1929 W Georgia Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2W9 CA

Devonian Harbor offleash dog Park is located next to the marina just east of Stanley Park in Vancouver. There are no signs as this park is still just becoming an official dog park. The off leash area is semi fenced with ocean on one side and the main park on the other side of the fence. There is a lagoon in the park but dogs should not be going in it or disturbing the area wild life (mainly Canada geese and ducks).  The ocean water is right next to the marina so recommend keeping Fido out of the water due to the oil slick caused by the moored boats. The official off leash play area is big enough for well behaved dogs, but there is a lot of bicycle, rollerblade and pedestrian traffic that can be a bit distracting for some dogs. Also if your dog runs out onto to Georgia Street the consequences could be devastating but this is unlikely to happen as there is a large field separating the park from the road. Due to it proximity to Stanley Park, dog owners should keep a lookout for coyotes in the early morning and evening hours. There was no free parking so expect to pay $3 for 1 hour.
Overall I liked this park. The dogs seemed well mannered and it is a great addition to the few off leash areas in the downtown core. Hopefully the parks board will approve this area as a permanent offleash area after the the 1 year trial period as the only other dogpark in the area (Stanley Park Shuttle board off leash area) is hopelessly inadequate for the number of dog owners in this area of downtown Vancouver. This park is also an alternate destination for users of Nelson Off leash Dogpark which is also which also is suffering from higher than average dog use.

The off-leash hours are 6am to 10pm.


1929 W Georgia Street (at Denman Street) - Drive all the way to the north end of Denman street.


by: Partha Dalal / © Copyright (c)

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