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Category: Dog Park
Neighborhood: Vancouver
John Hendry (Trout Lake) Off Leash Dog Park
3300 Victoria Drive Vancouver, BC V5N 4M1 CA

This off leash dogpark is more commonly known as Trout Lake or John Henry park. The land was donated by the daughter of John Hendry who used to be a local bigwig, with the stipulation that the park be named John Hendry Park. The south end of the lake is very heavily used by dog owners and Trout lake is also popular destination for non dog owners. The dogpark is great with water access for the dogs. The water temperature is warmer than expected due to the dark sand.  There is usually a large pack of dogs playing in the grassy area with lots of dogs coming and going all the time. There were a few small dogs here but most of the dogs were pretty large. The dogs are pretty well behaved considering the high concentration of dogs. A few of the bigger dogs were a bit aggressive with each other but there was no fighting.

This would be a great park for socializing your dog with a large number of new dogs. I found some parking on the street but  there is a parking lot for park visitors near the offleash area.

The public walking path goes straight through the off leash area and there have been a few conflicts with people using this path. It is a pretty hectic off leash dog park but all the dogs looked like there were very happy playing ah John Hendry (Trout lake) offleash dog park.

by: Partha Dalal / © Copyright (c)

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John-Hendry-offleash-dogpark John-Hendry-offleash-dogpark John-Hendry-offleash-dogpark John-Hendry-offleash-dogpark John-Hendry-offleash-dogpark
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