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Category: Dog Park
Neighborhood: Vancouver
Quilchena Off Leash Dog Park
4590 Magnolia Street Vancouver, BC V6J 4B6 CA

Quilchena offleash dogpark is located at 33 and Maple Crescent. The park is surprisingly quiet considering that it is in a pretty busy area. There is plenty of free street parking and the residential road (30th Ave) had very low car traffic. The park has a small off leash area on the eastern side near the skateboard park. There is a large sports field that is not officially designated as an off leash area, but that is where a few of the dogs were being walked when I visited Quilchena. This dogpark is nice and clean with a winding walkway running the length of the park.

I found it odd that no dogs were playing with each other and after trying to approach many different dog owners I found out that the people at this park were rather unfriendly and that they prefer to be left alone. Everyone had iPods. After a few hours of hanging around I was unable to chit chat with any of the other dog owners and my dog was unable to find another dog playmate. Almost every dog was on leash and not a single dog showed up at the designated off leash area. I will revisit this park again to see if it was just an abnormal day, but in my view the park seems to have the most un-friendly dog owners in Vancouver. 

by: Partha Dalal / © Copyright (c)

Submitted by Doglantis Administration on 8/13/2010 updated 10 year(s) ago
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