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Category: Dog Park
Neighborhood: Vancouver
Spanish Bank Beach Off Leash Dog Park
4801 NW Marine Drive Vancouver, BC V6T 1E2 CA

Spanish banks off leash dog park and leash free beach is on of the most popular dog parks in Vancouver. There is a huge grassy area for dog to play in and a large beach area as well.  During low tide a huge area of sandy beach is exposed. The anchor sculpture is heavily utilized by the dogs as there are not too many trees to mark. There is plenty of free parking along the beach and the pedestrian path has a steady flow of people, bikes, rollerbladers and dogs. The concession stand is located close by and the offleash area is always bustling with activity. There are mainly medium and large dogs visiting the off leash area of Spanish Banks with a few small dogs as well. Because the offleash beach area is pretty large you can comfortably let your dog roam around. Most of the swimming dogs are concentrated on the east end of the beach near the small rocky area. The path extends along the up and down the coast and there is plenty of areas to explore outside of the off leash areas. This is a very nice dog park and you will meet all sorts of interesting characters when visiting Spanish Banks dogpark. The view of the Vancouver city skyline is spectacular and this park if defiantly worth driving to if your dog is a swimmer.

by: Partha Dalal / © Copyright (c)

Submitted by Doglantis Administration on 8/13/2010 updated 10 year(s) ago
Spanish Banks Dogpark Spanish Banks Dogpark Spanish Banks Dogpark Spanish Banks Dogpark Spanish Banks Dogpark Spanish Banks Dogpark
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