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Category: Dog Park
Neighborhood: Burnaby
Confederation Off Leash Dog Park
4585 Albert Street Burnaby, BC V5V 4K2 CA

Confederation off leash Dog Park is located in North Burnaby.  This off leash Dog Park is composed of two separate fenced areas, and a nice 1.35 kilometer trail.  The northern enclosed area is strictly for small dogs only.  Most of the dogs visit the larger enclosed off leash pen, which allows both small dogs and large dogs to play together. The larger offleash pen has both wooded and grassy areas, and is large enough for the dogs to explore by themselves.  The play area was rather muddy on the day that I visited.  If your dog is shy, you can walk him along the outer perimeter of the pen and he can watch all the action from the other side of the fence.  There are two parking lots, one on Dundas Rd and the other one on Penzance Dr. If you are really lazy, you can park at the Dundas road parking lot, which is right beside the main entrance to the larger off leash enclosed pen, and watch your dog from the comfort of your car.  Great for rainy days when there are no other dogs at the park.

There is a large squirrel population in the woods, beside the Penzance entrance parking lot, which is where you would want to park if you are planning on walking the Penzance off leash  trail loop.  You can enter the trail right at the parking lot, but I highly  recommend that you walk about 2 minutes east along Penzance road where you will find the actual entrance.  This way you will be walking down a gentle slope and you’ll have a great view off the mountains and ocean for most of your walk.  The trail is off leash and there are plenty of birds and squirrels to keep your dog interested. At the bottom of the trail you’ll find a very steep path that leads to the train track and a very nice looking beach.  You may be tempted to try and cross the train tracks, but I recommend that you do not attempt this risky action.  This area is owned by CN rail and this is where the trains stop and change engines.  You will get stuck on the beach (which is very rocky anyways) and security will come in and grab you and your dog.  The area is clearly marked as private property.

There are no water fountains on this trail so don’t forget to bring your own supply.  There is a small creek, but with so many industrial plants nearby I would not risk letting my dog drink from the runoff pipe or swim in the pond.

This trail was very nice and quiet.  The single bench at the bottom of the trail is a perfect place to relax and have a quiet undisturbed view of the ocean. (Until a train comes roaring by, that is)

by: Partha Dalal / © Copyright (c)

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