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Robert Burnaby Off Leash Dog Park
8155 Wedgewood Street Burnaby, BC V3N 1C3 CA

Robert Burnaby off leash Dog Park runs northeast from Lakefield drive to the Trans Canada highway in South Burnaby.  Off leash Dogs are allowed year round on the hydro corridor and adjacent lawn area west of Ramsay Creek. There is a barrier that prevents dogs from running onto the highway so they are perfectly safe. Since the park is located quite far away from the main traffic corridors, it has a bit of a quiet empty feel to it.

This massive 48 hectare park has almost 3 km of trails (plus many unmarked hidden trails).  There are a few streams as well as the picnic area, playground, swimming pool and tennis courts. There is also an outdoor disk golf course. Dog are not allowed off leash in these areas, but I saw quite a few well behaved dogs free roaming the lesser used areas of the trail network. Be aware that the stream is a protected habitat (baby salmon eggs) so your dog should not be swimming in it.

The off leash area is a very long strip off grass that runs under the power lines and the play area is right at bottom. Since there are never any people at the “meeting” area you will probably find it more enjoyable to explore the trails. Plus the play area is rather muddy as soon as any rain hits it. I did feel a little worried going up the corridor because even though the area was designated off leash the dense surrounding forest on either side looked like a perfect ambush area for coyotes. All the other dogs that I saw were larger sized dogs so a Shih Tzu would make a perfect prey item for any coyotes that managed to sneak into Robert Burnaby Park from the coyote infested Burnaby Lake Park system which across the Highway

Even though the official off leash is is rather small and featureless, the large trail system will keep you and your dog busy. This underused park is the perfect place to get away from the crowds and excitement often found in other dog parks.

The dog park parking lot is located way at the end of Hill Street but you can access the park from Lakefield Drive as well, although you will have to park on the street.

Be sure the check out the video and pictures for this and any of the other lowermainland dogparks. If you been to this park please rate and comment so that others can share your experiences.

by: Partha Dalal / © Copyright (c)


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Robert Burnaby Off Leash Dog Park Robert Burnaby Off Leash Dog Park Robert Burnaby Off Leash Dog Park Robert Burnaby Off Leash Dog Park Robert Burnaby Off Leash Dog Park Robert Burnaby Off Leash Dog Park
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