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Category: Dog Park
Neighborhood: Richmond
Hamilton Highway Offleash Dogpark
4571 Thompson Road Richmond, BC BCV6V Canada

Hamilton Highway Off leash Dog Park is located on the Eastern tip of Richmond near the Queensbourgh Bridge. This park is bordered by a major Highway on one side and a quiet residential street (Thompson Road). There is no way for any dogs to get on the Highway due to the very sturdy fence/barricade. Small dogs like Chiwawa's should be kept on a leash when using the overpass when coming to the park as there is a possibility of slipping onto the 6 lane highway below.

Hamilton Highway Park is a little known park and due to its tricky location most people do not even realize it exists. If traveling here be sure to study you route carefully as it is very easy to get lost. The address that you want to put into Google maps or your GPS is "4571 Thompson Road, Richmond, BC".

The park is made up off two large offleash fields and there is a small trail that leads to another overpass. There is a house along the trail with a whole bunch of minivans in the fenced backyard and also about a dozen free roaming chickens that will keep your dog amused. Be sure not to let your dog bark at or harass the chickens.

The main field was pretty muddy in some sections on the day that I visited, but the second field was much better due to its hilliness. The park does not have many features (just one lone picnic bench) and the Highway noise is pretty unrelenting but I still found this to be a nice off leash area. Since it is so underused this may be a place to consider if you have a dog with behavior issues. You will most likely be the only person in the park. Parking was pretty easy to find near the main entrance and there is a small parking lot at the second entrance if you go right to the end of Thomson road.


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(Take Westminster Hwy east over Highway 91 until you reach Boundary Road. Turn right on Boundary, then right at Thompson Gate, and finally left on Thompson Road. There is a Dogs Off-Leash sign on the right side of the road that indicates where the off-leash area is.)

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